Work Fit is Crucial to Loving Your Job

Fit Matters

Research shows that only 30 percent of Americans, and an even lower percentage of employees around the world, strongly agree that they have a chance to do what they’re best at. In addition, employees are increasingly seeking jobs that feed their spirits, their minds, and their hearts at work (they need more than just good pay and benefits). They realize that work fit is crucial if they’re to perform at their best and help their organizations reach their goals. Fit, as it happens, matters.

“The process for finding a great work fit is neither easy nor simple,” say Moe Carrick and Cammie Dunaway in their new book, Fit Matters. “Most of us spend precious little time understanding and considering fit when we take a job, which often costs us time, energy, and job satisfaction down the line.” Carrick and Dunaway propose that work fit is dynamic and temporal. That it consists of six essential elements, where fit expands and contracts for each of the elements based on what stage of life you’re in. These elements are:

  • Meaning Fit
  • Job Fit
  • Culture Fit
  • Relationship Fit
  • Lifestyle Fit
  • Financial Fit

“Understanding the relationship between these elements of fit, and developing resilience in assessing and measuring your fit in each of them, is key to landing the right job for you,” according to the authors.

Fit Matters will be available in print and digital formats on May 16, 2017. The book offers practical advice, tools, and exercises designed to help readers evaluate the fit between their needs and the culture of their current or prospective employer, assess and articulate what they really need to thrive at work, and develop options if they find themselves in a company or job where they don’t fit well.

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