Public Relations Is Hard Work. But You Can Do It!

Straight Talk About Public Relations

What is public relations? According to Robert Wynne in his new book Straight Talk about Public Relations, it’s the persuasion business. “PR is about convincing the media, potential customers, the public – someone – to do something you want – write about your firm or client, purchase your service or product, support your ideas. And it’s not easy. “Public relations can’t be learned at a party, on social media while sipping lattes at a trendy coffee bistro, or even in a classroom. Influencing audiences and leaders is hard work.” And the competition for your potential audience’s time is phenomenal:

  • There are 205 billion emails sent each day.
  • 350 million photos are posted per day on Facebook.
  • 58 million tweets arrive daily.

Wynne, writing with wit and humor, makes clear and convincing points:

  • The key to PR success is being able to write well, to tell a compelling story.
  • Advertising doesn’t work.
  • Most social media activities are a waste of time (but the the book reveals which ones actually work).
  • The media and the Internet is flooded with content – find a way to make yours stand out.
  • You need to measure the return on your PR activities and learn from the results.

Straight Talk is for those who want to learn the essentials of PR, including how to write a compelling press release, successfully pitch the media, write an editorial that wows, create a persuasive social media campaign, engage audiences with powerful content marketing, and measure PR success.


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