New Book: Create a Healthy Workplace – Achieve a Healthy Bottom Line

Create a Healthy Workplace addresses the hidden barriers to high performance inherent in today’s work environments in the areas of safety, community, and psychological well-being. Author Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin presents techniques for creating workplaces that better enable employees to be creative, solve problems, innovate, act ethically, and be open to change. She uses Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy […]

New Book: The Way of the Warrior in Business

Thinking and acting like a warrior can turn you into a big winner in business. The Way of the Warrior in Business shows you how. Author Donald Wayne Hendon offers hundreds of powerful out-of-the-box tactics to help you develop the killer instinct that turns you into a powerful Business Warrior who wins big and often. […]

New Book: Project Management Essentials, Third Edition

If you’re new to project management or need to refresh your knowledge, Project Management Essentials, Third Edition is the quickest and easiest way to learn how to manage projects successfully. The concepts presented are not rocket science. They’re just common sense. The simple techniques and templates in this book provide you with the essential tools […]

New Book: Practical Project Management for Agile Nonprofits

In Practical Project Management for Agile Nonprofits, author Karen R.J. White introduces the reader to the basic concepts of project management. She provides approaches and templates to help nonprofit managers quickly implement practices to help them manage their limited resources, both financial and volunteer. She also provides techniques to help the project team determine which […]