Leaders Need to Rethink What It Means to Engage Employees

Compelling research done by CEB Corporate Leadership Council, Gallup, Hay Group, and others demonstrates the indisputable correlation between high levels of employee engagement and substantially improved business results – increases in profitability, productivity, growth, and employee retention rates. Organizations spend an enormous amount of money implementing various employee engagement initiatives, which far too often get […]

Otherwise Engaged

Check Out Our Otherwise Engaged Book Trailer

Check out our Otherwise Engaged Book Trailer. The book is now available from most storefront and online bookstores. John Guaspari’s Otherwise Engaged shows you how to get a grip on the intangibles – the people stuff. You’ll learn: How to recognize and embrace the fact that Intangibles are intangible Why employee engagement can be a […]

New Take on Developing Employees and Managing Performance

Why is it that lack of direction, lack of development, lack of good coaching and feedback, and poor work environments appear as major areas of concern on survey after survey completed by employees? Author Kimberly Janson, in her new book, Demystifying Talent Management, offers the answers, and they often come down to lack of skill […]

Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged Kindle Version Available on Amazon.com

Otherwise Engaged: How Leaders Can Get a Firmer Grip on Employee Engagement and Other Key Intangibles is now available on Amazon.com for sale as a Kindle book. John Guaspari’s engagingly funny fable guides readers to answer the profoundly serious question posed by the book – Why do employee engagement activities often fail? The hardcover version […]