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Book about Employee Engagement Named One of the Top 5 Leadership Books of the Year

PALMYRA, Va. (March 23, 2016) — Otherwise Engaged by John Guaspari has been selected as one of the top five leadership books published last year by Leadership and Management Books, a brand of The Book Review Company.

“We’re honored that Otherwise Engaged has been selected as one of the best leadership books published last year,” said Jim Pennypacker, Publisher at Maven House Press. “John Guaspari’s book presents a highly original approach to dealing with employee engagement: He shows executives and managers how to stop doing the things that cause their employees to dis-engage.”

According to Guaspari, current approaches to improve employee engagement in organizations fail because of a faulty assumption: that the problem can be solved with rational, best-practice-driven initiatives. “Unfortunately these mechanical, utilitarian prescriptions are trying to fix what is essentially a problem of the spirit and soul,” says Guaspari. “What needs to occur is a change in the way leaders think about employee engagement.”

  • Leaders need to avoid the employee engagement trap: Engagement is not a matter of them interacting and connecting with employees. It’s a matter of them creating the conditions necessary for employees to find meaning in their work. Engagement is not a series of activities in which people participate. It’s a feeling-state in which people exist.
  • Leaders can’t bestow empowerment. Instead they need to create an environment where employees feel safe while exercising judgment on the job.
  • Leaders need to create an environment of trust by ensuring that leaders and employees clearly understand what’s expected of each other and that they are confident that those expectations will be met.
  • Leaders need to understand that employees are entitled to respect from them. Leaders need to give employees respect, presumptively.
  • Leaders need to understand that “the people stuff” in not separate from the “running the business stuff.” Engagement, and the business benefits that result, require attending to the people stuff.

Otherwise Engaged is available from most storefront and online bookstores. Visit for more information about the book or to read an excerpt.

About the Author
For the past 30 years John Guaspari has helped leaders take on the challenge of being more effective at attending to the intangibles of managing employees. He is the author of six books on the topic, including the best-selling “I Know It When I See It.” Visit his blog at John lives in North Attleboro, MA.

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