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Business Executives Can Learn Effective Marketing Strategies from the Military, Says Author and Marketing Expert Donald Wayne Hendon

New book shows marketers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales execs how to battle for profits, power, and domination and win big.

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (July 26, 2013) — Business is not just similar to war – it is war! Executives are always trying to improve their position in the market place. They believe that their market share will have to come at another company’s expense. In today’s challenging business world companies are fighting one another for business. More fighting means business has become more warlike. And business executives can learn much from the military.

In his just released book, The Way of the Warrior in Business, author Donald Wayne Hendon provides several hundred marketing weapons – strategies, tactics, assessment tools, checklists, action plans – that readers can use to attack their competitors, invade attractive markets, and defend market share to maximize sales and profits. According to Hendon, business executives who master military strategy and tactics and use them get bigger market shares. Their sales and profits go way, way up. Companies can engage in five types of attacks to win in business:

  • Enveloping attacks: Move into major new market areas. By doing so, Business Warriors change the way the business is done.
  • Frontal attacks: Directly assault established enemy positions. Business Warriors need tremendously great superiority in launching a frontal attack against a strongly entrenched competitor or they’ll lose.
  • Wing attacks: Directly assault established positions, but hit only the weakest points.
  • Flanking attacks: Make end runs around enemy positions in the marketplace. Business Warriors attack segments that are unoccupied; the attacks will probably go uncontested.
  • Guerrilla attacks: Hit and run. Business Warriors find markets small enough to defend and big enough to live on. These attacks are the most flexible of all.

Wing, flanking, and guerrilla attacks require positioning, concentrating resources along a narrow front and clearly differentiating the business brand from competitors. According to Hendon, “Positioning is especially suited to followers. It opens up the possibility of attacking the frontrunner without serious loss and with a good chance of winning. The winning-est Business Warriors go after and conquer competitors who are easily conquered. They do this by distracting and deceiving their enemies, by confusing them, and by using tactics that work. Especially surprise tactics – play upon their fears, make them feel trapped. Make them make mistakes – and never interrupt them when theyre making a mistake.”

“Business is a battle,” says Bob Pritchard, noted author, speaker, and International Marketer of the Year. “It’s a battle for ideas, for strategies, for differentiation, for efficient communication, and for implementation. It’s a battle for margins, for ROI, for the hearts and minds of the customer. Don Hendon’s The Way of the Warrior in Business is the blueprint that will enable any business to win. If you follow Don’s advice, I guarantee you it will really be Mission Accomplished.”

About the Author

Donald Wayne Hendon, Ph.D., is a best-selling author, speaker, and marketing consultant and a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans of America. He is the author of nine books, including 365 Powerful Ways to Influence and Guerrilla Deal-Making (with Jay Conrad Levinson).

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