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Demystifying Talent Management Wins 2016 Axiom Business Books Award

PALMYRA, Va. (June 1, 2016) — Demystifying Talent Management by Kimberly Janson has been selected as the Bronze Winner of the Ninth Annual Axiom Business Book Awards for the category Human Resources/Employee Training. The Jenkins Group sponsors the Axiom Awards to honor the year’s best business books.

“Business success demands that business leaders keep learning and growing,” said company founder Jerrold Jenkins. “This year’s Axiom Award-winning books offer the freshest ideas from the world’s brightest minds.”

“We’re honored that Demystifying Talent Management has been selected as one of the year’s best human resource management books,” said Jim Pennypacker, Publisher at Maven House Press. “Kim Janson is a highly experienced talent management professional who offers hands-on, practical advice in this insightful book.”

According to Janson, lack of direction, lack of development, lack of good coaching and feedback, and poor work environments continue to be major areas of concern for employees. “Lack of skill and lack of will are the primary causes of these challenges,” according to Janson, whose book goes on to show leaders and managers how to deal with those challenges.

She argues that leaders and managers need to have five big conversations with their employees throughout the year, and she notes that it’s shocking how often these conversations aren’t done well or aren’t done at all in many organizations. These conversations are:

  • The What You Need to Do Conversation – You need to work with your employees to set clear performance expectations and goals. They need to know what success looks like.
  • The How You Are Doing Conversation – You need to address what your employees are working on and how they’re getting the work done.
  • The How You Did Conversation – You need to know whether your employees delivered on the commitments they made, providing feedback and coaching where needed.
  • The Money Conversation – You need to use incentives to motivate your employees and reward them appropriately.
  • The How You Need to Grow Conversation – You need to fully commit to developing your employees and help them build plans for their growth.

The book offers practical advice for all managers, HR professionals, senior leaders, and other employees on how to work together to build a talented and motivated workforce. “There’s nothing more important to organizations than getting talent management right,” says Janson.

Demystifying Talent Management is available from most storefront and online bookstores. Visit for more information about the book or to read an excerpt.

About the Author
Kim Janson is the CEO of Janson Associates, a firm dedicated to unleashing people’s potential. She was formerly the Chief Talent Management Officer at the H.J. Heinz Company, Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and a senior leader at Hasbro, BancBoston Mortgage Corporation, and Bank of Boston.

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About the Awards
The Axiom Business Book Awards are the largest and most respected critical guidepost for business books in today’s new world of publishing. These prestigious and competitive awards are presented in twenty-two business categories and serve as the premier list to help readers discover new and innovative works. The awards are presented by Jenkins Group Inc., a Michigan-based book publishing and marketing services company.