Maven House Signs with Legato-Perseus to Distribute Books Worldwide

Legato Publishers Group
Maven House Press has signed with Legato Publishers Group to distribute its print and digital books worldwide. Through parent company Perseus Books Group, which includes Publishers Group West, Constellation, and Perseus Academic, Legato provides sales and distribution services to a select and small group of clients, now including Maven House Press, allowing them to benefit from the economies of one of the industry’s largest and most innovative publishers as well as the expertise, superior systems, dynamic sales force and clout of the largest and most sophisticated full service distributor in the industry.

“Legato distinguishes itself by working with clients that have high potential for growth and a willingness to work closely with their distribution partner,” said Legato president Jeff Tegge. “We take time to not only understand and embrace our client’s titles and marketing efforts, but to understand a title’s primary customers and what attracts and motivates them to make a purchase.” Legato helps publishers get the most out of their resources and is fully aware of their clients’ cash flow and tolerance for risk.

“Due to the fact that we work with only a small number of clients, our growth is completely dependent on our client’s growth,” said Tegge. “This shared goal creates a relationship that is unique in the industry and one we feel gives us and our clients the best possible scenario for achieving mutually beneficial results.”

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