Friendly, informal “road trip” explores the basics of social media marketing

The Boomer's Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing
The Boomer’s Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing by Kalynn Amadio was recently reviewed by Foreword Magazine.

“Boomers in business are particularly prone to intimidation by social media marketing because it represents a whole new world of digital engagement,” says reviewer Barry Silverstein. “Kalynn Amadio, aka ‘The Boomer Gal,’ and a consultant to entrepreneurs over fifty years old, allays any fears in a book set up like a travel guide that is both engaging and instructive. Especially on target for beginners, the book covers the fundamentals of social media marketing, including why and how to use it, the key social media destinations, and a simple method for implementing a social media marketing plan.

“Amadio writes knowledgeably about social media in general, as well as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube specifically. She provides helpful overviews of these main social media sites, along with detailed instructions for how to set up accounts with each. Equally important are the author’s guideposts along the way; she augments the text with highlighted information in three areas: ‘Don’t Miss’ calls out important information, ‘Local Knowledge’ offers detailed action items, and ‘Hazard Zone’ spotlights common mistakes.

“One of the more valuable chapters, ‘Learning Social Media Etiquette,’ digs into the special dos and don’ts of social media, including such advice as ‘be accessible,’ ‘be transparent,’ ‘be consistent,’ and ‘be influential.’ Amadio’s counsel is sensible and practical; for example, ‘Figure out a consistent schedule that’s workable from the beginning. You can always increase engagement as your strategy matures or when you get a larger team behind you.'”

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