Free e-Book on Successful Business Practices

A Taste of Successful Business PracticesWe’ve pulled together excerpts from Maven House Press’s bestselling business books to give you a taste of successful business practices experienced by the authors, all experts in their fields. These engaging, easy to read excerpts offer practical advice, step-by-step guidance, and proven practices that will help you:

  • Unleash your potential for personal success by understanding how to fit at work, how to focus on your career to make money, and how to become a paid speaker
  • Learn lessons about the nature of leadership, the importance of shared values, and the need for engagement
  • Discover new ways of thinking about marketing, marketing research, and public relations
  • Understand the importance of people in your organization and what you can do to insure their success
  • Get practical advice, tools, and templates to help you manage your business operations efficiently and effectively
  • Find innovative ideas about how to start a new business and grow an existing one

And if you determine that you’ve gotten especially helpful advice from one of the authors, be sure to check out their books.

DOWNLOAD THE BOOK HERE: A Taste of Successful Business Practices

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