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We are currently accepting proposals for books to be published in 2019.

Maven House Press publishes business books for executives and managers to help them lead their organizations to greatness. We’re looking for a few great manuscripts. Before you go any further, please review our list of topics we publish to the right. If your book fits, we’d like to hear from you.

Below are guidelines for submitting a book proposal to us. Proposals are designed to help you clarify your thoughts about your book and provide us the information we need to decide if the book is one that, working together, we could make a success.

If you would like to submit a book proposal for consideration, please follow the guidelines below and send your proposal to

Due to the number of proposals we receive, we are unable to reply to most of them. We will, however, review and consider every submission. If we decide to pursue your book idea you will receive a response from us in 4-6 weeks. So if you don’t hear from us assume that your book doesn’t fit what we’re looking for, and we wish you well in finding a publisher.

You must submit a completed Book Proposal Form to be considered for publication.

Book Proposal Guidelines

About Your Book

  • Book Title: Please provide us with two alternative titles for your book.
  • Book Description: Please describe why you wrote this book, the niche it fills, its subject, and key editorial points that make it unique.
  • Book Type: Does your book primarily present innovate concepts, business solutions, best practices, basic information, business trends, other?
  • Outline/Table of Contents: Please list working chapter headings with a sentence or two summarizing each chapter or section.
  • Sample Chapter: If you have a sample chapter, please send it. Please do not send complete manuscripts at this stage.
  • Estimated Length: Roughly how long do you expect your book to be (how many thousand words)?
  • Graphics: Will your book contain figures, graphs, tables, or illustrations? If so, how many?
  • Delivery Date: Please provide an approximate delivery date for your completed manuscript.

About the Market

  • Market: Why is your book important—what will it offer readers?
  • Audience: Describe the ideal audience for your book (who will buy the book). Please be specific.
  • Competition: Please list the primary competition for your work and any titles that are similar to yours. What makes your book better than the competition?

About You

  • Contact Information: Name, address, phone, email, website or blog
  • Biography: What are your qualifications for writing this book. Please provide a concise biography, including current occupation and title. Please include any past employment and/or associations that you belong to that would be pertinent to the readers of your book.
  • Knowledge: Describe your background on this subject (academic and/or professional). How has your background contributed to making you an expert on your subject?
  • Previous Publications: Please list any previous books you’ve written, including title, publisher, year of publication, and sales history if available. List any other published material that is pertinent to the book.
  • Marketing Support: Publishing is a partnership and we would like to understand the ways in which you and we might market your book. Please list audiences for your book who know you and/or your work, including how many people follow you on social media, how many subscribe to your blog or newsletter, how many speaking engagements you have each year, and other meaningful ways you currently engage with your audience.

Submit Your Proposal

Please send your proposal to