Book Publishing Agreement

Maven House Book Publishing Agreement

At Maven House Press, we believe that successful book publishing requires an active partnership between you, the author, and us, the publisher. Authors usually want to make sure that the finished book represents their vision of their book, that it reaches the largest audience possible, and that they receive fair rewards for their efforts. Publishers want to make sure that the book reaches the largest audience possible and that the partnership helps them run a sound and profitable business.

We believe that our book publishing agreement supports those goals. It’s designed to create incentives for both you and us to contribute to the partnership, both benefiting from the success of the book.

Our book publishing agreement is based, in large part, on the work of Steven Piersanti, President of Berrett-Kohler Publishers, who has created one of the most author-friendly publishing agreements in the business, and Jonathan Kirsch, the foremost expert in book publishing agreements and author of Kirsch’s Guide to the Book Contract.

Our agreement is somewhat long, but that’s because we believe it’s important for both of us to be clear about what to expect from each other throughout the life of the book.

Below are some of the key items in our agreement that benefit you, as an author, more than you’ll find with most other publisher’s agreements.


  • Royalty rates, based on net revenues, are simple to understand, and higher than many other publisher’s:
    1. 10% on the first 5,000 print copies sold
    2. 15% on the next 10,000 print copies sold
    3. 20% on sales in excess of 15,000 print copies sold
    4. 25% on the first 5,000 e-books sold
    5. 35% on the next 10,000 e-books sold
    6. 50% on sales in excess of 15,000 e-books sold
    7. 50% on any subsidiary rights sold.
  • You’ll receive 50 free copies, more than with most publishers. You can purchase books at discount rates far higher than with most publishers (50-75% depending on quantity). And you can sell your books, a right that most publishers will take from you.
  • We, not you, will pay for preparing the book’s index.

Author’s Rights

  • The copyright is held in your name, not ours (although we’ll file the paperwork for you and pay any fees).
  • You’ll have the right to terminate the agreement if you aren’t satisfied with our performance – a right common in many business relationships but almost never found in book publishing agreements.
  • We’ll work closely with you in developing the title of the book (you’ll get to approve it) and the design of the book cover.
  • You’ll get to approve whatever edits we make to your manuscript.
  • We’ll work closely with you in developing and implementing a marketing plan for your book.
  • We don’t ask you to sign away your right to choose whoever you want to publish your next book. And we don’t ask you to sign away any rights to publish another book on the same subject with another publisher.
  • The agreement has a comprehensive “Reversion of Rights to the Author” clause that is unusually favorable to authors.
  • You’ll retain your right to use the general ideas and concepts published in the book for use in your day-to-day business.

Take a look at our standard book publishing agreement, and don’t hesitate to call (610.883.7988) if you have any questions.