For Authors

We are currently accepting proposals for books to be published in 2018.

What We Publish

Maven House Press publishes books for business professionals to help them lead their organizations to greatness in unpredictable and fast-moving times. We’re looking for great manuscripts. Before you go any further, please review our list of topics we publish to the right. The types of books we’re looking to publish are:

  • Books that present innovative concepts, unique ideas
  • Books designed to help position you as a thought leader
  • Books offering solutions that address challenges facing business professionals
  • Books describing best business practices in detail, usually research-based
  • Books that cover the basics of a topic, possibly to be used for training or education
  • Books that present business trends, usually research-based
  • Books that are destined to become classics (that’s something we want from all our titles).

If your book fits, we’d like to hear from you.

Submit a Proposal

If you would like to submit a book proposal for consideration, please follow our Book Proposal Guidelines and send your proposal to

Book Publishing Agreement

Check out our Book Publishing Agreement. It’s designed to create incentives for both you and us that contribute to a true partnership where both of us benefit from the success of the book.