Energize Your Readers

I wrote a white paper a while ago entitle Social Media Content: 10 Ways to Engergize Your Thought Leadership Conversation, and just realized that much of what I said about social media applies to books as well. I said that a key to success in being seen as a thought leader is to make sure your audience pays attention to your content, actually reads or listens to it, finds it energizing, and engages with you because of it. In particular:

Your content must have value.

Your audience is actively looking for something: information, insight, or solutions to their problems. To deliver value, your content must address their need. And it must be relevant, specific, timely, useful, clear, contextual, thoughtful, authentic, and, yes, energized. Note that your content’s value is determined solely by your audience, how well it meets their needs, and not by you.

Your content must be compelling.

Compelling content results in an “Aha!” moment. That’s when your audience has truly grasped that what you’re saying speaks directly to their needs and shows them exactly what their next action should be.

How do you energize your content? Here are ten steps (more fully described in the white paper):

  • Focus on your goals
  • Match your content to your audience
  • Make it clear — it’s not about you!
  • Engage in thoughtful conversations
  • Offer bursts of enlightenment
  • Develop a strong, well-supported point of view
  • Add spice
  • Design for clarity and engagement
  • Mix your media
  • Repurpose and syndicate your content.
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