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New Take on Developing Employees and Managing Performance

Why is it that lack of direction, lack of development, lack of good coaching and feedback, and poor work environments appear as major areas of concern on survey after survey completed by employees? Author Kimberly Janson, in her new book, Demystifying Talent Management, offers the answers, and they often come down to lack of skill […]

Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise Engaged Kindle Version Available on

Otherwise Engaged: How Leaders Can Get a Firmer Grip on Employee Engagement and Other Key Intangibles is now available on for sale as a Kindle book. John Guaspari’s engagingly funny fable guides readers to answer the profoundly serious question posed by the book – Why do employee engagement activities often fail? The hardcover version […]

Demystifying Talent Management

Author Kim Janson Announces Workshop Schedule

Kim Janson, author of the upcoming book Demystifying Talent Management, will be presenting workshops on talent management at various locations over the next few months. Check out her website,, e-mail, or call 401-339-0089 for more information. Becoming Top Talent Learn what separates wildly successful people from the rest of the population and what […]

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The Way of the Warrior in Business

If You’re Not the Market Leader, What Can You Do to Win?

From The Way of the Warrior in Business by Donald Wayne Hendon What can a follower do to beat the Big Dog? First, try these tactics: Never use a me-too approach. Find a unique position to fill, such as: By attributes (Crest is a cavity fighter) By price/quality (Wal-Mart is a value store) By competitor […]