Author Kim Janson Announces Workshop Schedule

Demystifying Talent Management

Kim Janson, author of the upcoming book Demystifying Talent Management, will be presenting workshops on talent management at various locations over the next few months. Check out her website,, e-mail, or call 401-339-0089 for more information.

Becoming Top Talent
Learn what separates wildly successful people from the rest of the population and what you can do to become a top talent.

  • Rhode Island: December 3-4, 2014
  • Boston: December 10-11, 2014
  • Stamford: December 17-18, 2014
  • 2015 schedule coming soon

Demystifying Talent Management—Making Managing Performance Easy
In a simple, straightforward way, gain skills to manage people much more effectively.

  • Rhode Island: December 1-2, 2014
  • Boston: December 12-13, 2014
  • Stamford: Dec 19-20, 2014
  • Pittsburgh: Jan 14-15, 2015
  • Palm Beach: Jan 28-29, 2015
  • San Diego: Feb 11-12, 2015
  • Ft. Lauderdale: Feb 25-26
  • Miami: March 18-19, 2015
  • Los Angeles: March 25-26, 2015

Kim Janson is an internationally recognized coach, author and change agent. She has had tremendous success as the Chief Talent Officer and Leadership/Learning/OD/Diversity Executive at several global organizations and serves an executive coach for Harvard University. Her direct style will help you cut through the confusion of how to manage well. People around the world have gravitated to her largely due to her philosophy that this shouldn’t be hard, it’s all learnable and the power to touch people’s lives is significant so let’s do it well. Her book, Demystifying Talent Management, is cited as “the go-to resource on how to manage people successfully.”

Demystifying Talent Management will be available in March 2015. For more information…

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